Cognates and Language Learning: When you study a foreign language, many of the words in that language are completely different … For example, government came into English from French, where many "b"s became "v"s. Language is always evolving, though it may not seem like it, because it's gradual, happening over centuries. Accidental cognates are not etymologically related but just happen to share form (English juice and Spanish juicio, 'judge'...)." Thesaurus ... false cognates: DEFINITIONS 1. For example, the word animal is spelled the same way in English and Spanish but pronounced with different stresses in each language. Cognates 1. ‘English mother and German Mutter are cognate words.’ ‘There is an interesting but short section on the local adaptive value of cultural rules including dialects and cognate words.’ Linguistics. cognate: Related by blood; having a common ancestor. The agnatic relation may be a male or a female. The derived words are all related to a common ancestor. Non-obvious cognates and obvious cognates that differ in meaning in this specific context are written in bold font and italics. For example, English ward and guard (

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