Their conversation was interrupted by Akira, and he took the chance to mock her over the injury Naki inflicted on her during the battle. Takizawa's Will: "Dear Mother and Father, Long ago there was a period of time when Mother began to feel insecure after a ghoul killed Satou-obasan, who lived in the neighborhood. Back in his room, he agonized over what he should write. tokyo ghoul A Great Big World Barcelona Bastille BillyHoyle412 Blue October Dead Man's Bones Digital Daggers EELS Joy Division Les Friction Lorde M83 Naughty Boy Puscifer Slipknot The Black Keys The Cure White Ring akira mado green day. Clad in all black, he dons loose-fitting robes with wide, elbow-length sleeves that have a white symbol on the hood. After some time, she finally managed to wound Miza and cause her to retreat. Kaneki Akira Tokyo Ghoul Takizawa Manga Anime Anime Art Lacuna Fanart Fujoshi Vocaloid. Is there something wrong with that? He holds strong admiration for his exceptional superiors, prone to fawning over them and admitting to collecting newspaper clippings of Arima's cases. To himself: "I am... always second best. Akira Mado and Seidou Takizawa had been through a lot the past seventeen years, but they managed. Japanese Name: 滝澤 政道 (たきざわ せいどう) *Seidou Takizawa* (滝澤 政道, Takizawa Seidō) is a former Rank 2 Ghoul Investigator. High quality Takizawa Seidou gifts and merchandise. Afterwards, he curled up in a corner and wept with a crazed expression. The collar is also flipped up, partially covering the backside of his head. He was also Takizawa's primary tormentor, subjecting him to numerous invasive tests and brutal torture for the purpose of increasing his strength. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. If you become what you're afraid of, fear will fade. You're scared. [7], As the battle seemed to be winding down, he was surprised to receive news that Juuzou had been wounded in combat. "— Seidou Takizawa, Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 115 Seidou Takizawa (滝澤 政道, Takizawa Seidō) is a former Rank 2 Ghoul Investigator. So I'll have you become that. He would complain about his frustrations and doubts, but Hide's attempts to gain confidential information from him failed. Akira is affectionate towards and fond of her pet cat. Touka confesses that she will be too scared to meet Akira at all if Amon does not do it first. Urie then decided that he wanted to listen to Akira's story before judging her and told his squad to attend to her immediately once they were done with Floppy. After a turn of events which results in Hinami and Akira being in the same organization, Hinami appears to be not fond of Akira who utilized Hinami's parents as her quinques. The mission was successful. Like most investigators, he wore professional attire while working and had a preference for blue clothing. Your rectitude was nothing but torture to me. Akira was still in a comatose state due to injuries she received during the raid on Rushima. His relationship with Juuzou was rocky from the very beginning, and remained as such throughout the story. After searching through documents, Kaneki found out the drug's location: Research Facility 4. If I do not make it back, please do not be too sad. After the Auction Operation, Akira commended Shirazu for his efforts during the operation and taking out Nutcracker, also telling him that she has raised her expectations from him. You just watch me, you cold-hearted bitch! During his childhood, he was an average child and lived a normal life. They are familiar with each other as fellow members of Aogiri, though there is a little loyalty between them. She then dragged Akira down to meet the chldren. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings; … Die. Her words shook him, and she left the task of finishing him off to other investigators — beginning a lengthy battle against Miza Kusakari when the other Aogiri executive tried to rescue him. Takizawa stood by and waited for Kaneki's arrival at the lab location along with Kurona Yasuhisa and Ayato Kirishima. Takizawa manages to damage Amon's kakuhou. During Koutaro Amon's battle with Donato Porpora, Takizawa and Yumitsu Tomoe look on and converse. Alright, king of the sheep? While speaking with her, he addresses himself as "big brother," and readily attacks her when she refuses to allow him to kill Sasaki. The two were friendly towards each other in their first meeting, with Akira commenting that Suzuya's cross-stitches looked nice. Even so, when confronted by important people from his past such as Akira, he expresses shame through covering his face and flees rather than deal with them. Takizawa as a one-eyed ghoul in the Anime, Takizawa after aquiring full control over his kakuja. Shinohara acknowledges Akira's potential and achievements as a ghoul investigator, mentioning that she was first in her academy class and the fact that she was guaranteed by Arima to be really capable. ", To Takizawa While Drunk: "Takizawa ~ maybe you see me as your sworn enemy but you know? Touka explained Hinami's own status as an orphan with Akira admitting that her own father was the one who claimed her parents' lives. Takizawa about to be mortally wounded by Noro. ", To Kaneki: "It's just a small chain... And yet it feels so heavy to me...". When I saw that, I felt that I wanted to protect Mother and made the decision to become a ghoul investigator. One of the investigators, Ryuuta Sawaike, began to panic and opened fire with an ukaku quinque — this proved utterly ineffective, and Takizawa smiled cruelly before launching an attack against the surviving investigators. 13:21 . She lectured him about clinging to the past, pointing out how he continued to cling to the memory of Yamori instead of moving forward. He was OWL #15 during the ghoulification experiments that transformed him. She is a weak drinker, getting drunk after a single drink, and getting into an argument with Takizawa before she resorted to wallowing in self-pity over the fact that she was injured. Amon managed to stop them, berating them for their behavior and refocused their attention on their cases. Akira admitted her fear and he drew her close, promising to be by her side always, supporting her. Hinami managed to fend off Takizawa's attacks and surprised him by suddenly going to the offensive, she lashed at him with her kagune, injuring him and severing his right hand. Sleeping at Last Black Lab Jasmine Thompson seiaki seidou takizawa akira mado tokyo ghoul:re. by chemistbot. They were classmates at the Academy, and he feels uneasy with her. During the Rushima Landing Operation, Akira backed Houji up in his battle with Tatara. Takizawa ends up gaining the upper hand but his victory is short lived when a member of Akira's Quinx Squad, Tooru Mutsuki, ambushes Owl. Takizawa Seidou | Tokyo Ghoul. Takizawa Seidou by Slenderhand on DeviantArt. He fought alongside Akira and Misato Gori, keeping the members of Enji Koma's gang, the Apes, at bay with his ukaku quinque. This comment caused Ayato to charge him, with Tatara stepping in before a fight could start. A classmate of Akira Mado at … They seemed to have a good relationship, frequently having dinner together after working late. [37], Some time later, she awakened from a sleep, which she noted were becoming more frequent. During the Rushima Landing Operation, Urie showed disbelief at Mutsuki's claim that Akira shielded a ghoul, and reaffirmed that Akira was their superior. During the raid of Kanou's lab, Akira tells Amon that Maris Stella is back home waiting for her, seeing her cat as a source of motivation. [20], A month after the Auction Mopping-up Operation, Akira attended a Christmas party held at The Chateau, arriving with Arima. He tried to reassure his parents that even if he died and got eaten, he probably would not taste very good. After becoming a ghoul, he developed a mannerism of biting his own fingers. Seen through her interactions with others, it is most likely that she would prefer to make a quinque rather than to interact with someone else. They ended up at a small store, seated at the bar. After his restoration to sanity he wears a modification of his Aogiri Tree robes as a trench coat, black with white stripes across the midsection and on both sides of the collar. During the confrontation, Takizawa again pondered about how he still looks up to the former investigator and that he himself wishes to be noble as Amon. He then went on to ask if Kaneki truly cared about humans and ghouls coexisting, claiming that he felt Kaneki had a motive that was not quite different than his own. [19], In the aftermath of the raid, Akira rushed into the auction hall and began to call out to a seriously-wounded Sasaki. Both he and Kaneki called out for their mothers while they were in the states of half-kakuja. Although things have changed, people are still prejudiced against ghouls. Saved by DeviantArt. Seidou Takizawa (滝澤 政道, Takizawa Seidō) is a former Rank 2 Ghoul Investigator. Mutsuki prepared to stab him again, but Akira leaped between the combatants and shielded Takizawa while he looks on in shock. She often made things difficult for him, teasing him or acting contrary especially towards his gestures of good will. [12], After the operation and award ceremony, Takizawa congratulated Amon on his promotion to First Class and praised him for achieving such a high rank at such a young age. However, over time, she came to care deeply for him and even attempts to kiss him once. He observed an argument between Ayato Kirishima and Tatara over whether to rescue Hinami from Cochlea, and got Ayato's attention by laughing at him. He then noticed Akira not paying attention, yelling at her to wake up because the operation was not over yet. This causes Amon to reflect on his relationship with Donato. While thinking about Kaneki, she noticed the Raid should have been barely a month ago. Hinami Fueguchi responded by saying that Sasaki might be useful to Aogiri and suggested that Takizawa return to the Entrance Hall to provide backup for Ayato Kirishima and the others. He mocked his opponent's strange expression, getting close enough for Mutsuki to spit a mouthful of blood into his eyes. Feeling the girl's heartbeat and warmth she wept, wondering what she should hate from then on. [10], Takizawa was deployed to the 20th ward together with Kousuke Houji and Yukinori Shinohara by headquarters. Play seidou takizawa + tokyo ghoul re music Sign up → SIGN IN. His mother doted on him, fussing about him being single and teasing him about his attractive classmate, Akira Mado, while Takizawa made the decision to become an investigator to protect her. This was a measure to deal with the dangerous stand-alone ghouls in the 20th ward. If they didn't "tie him down with a chain," he would just go off and die. He seems to consider Ayato's concerns for Hinami amusing due to view of ghouls as indifferent monsters. [33] While Akira was collapsed on the ground, the Quinx Squad arrived and Amon told Seidou to take Akira and leave. Once you're Death, death is no longer scary. To Amon While Drunk: "Please don't go Father...", Akira Teasing Amon: "Ghoul investigator Amon Koutarou at the age of 20, enrolled in the [CCG] academy and graduated at the top of his class. Humiliated, he slunk away from the store to sober up and bemoaned his situation.[16]. [22], "Haise. Initially, Akira harbored a deep-seated resentment towards him over the death of her father and even claimed to hate him while drunk. ", To Amon: "Ironic, isn't it? He praises Sasaki as an excellent leader for thinking about the safety of his subordinates, and expresses the desire to speak to him privately. High quality Tokyo Ghoul Takizawa inspired canvas prints by independent artists and designers from around the world. His new state gave him the strength to overwhelm Hinami but he became even more deranged and began to spout nonsensical sentences and repeatedly banged his head against a wall due to the side effects of his incomplete kakuja. As such, beneath his arrogant demeanor, his insecurities remain and have been preyed upon to make him view Kaneki as a rival. While prone to erratic or wild behavior, he also shows moments of complete lucidity and awareness of his actions. Additionally, the CCG's 11th Ward Branch had become powerless, so the deployment was also meant to prevent the destruction of CCG's 20th Ward Branch. Every day updated. This process was intended to force the development of new Rc pathways, strengthened his body and removing any lingering human weaknesses. - stream 12 seidou takizawa playlists tagged with tokyo ghoul:re from your desktop or mobile device. I am very proud of this job where I must put my life on the line for the sake of other people. Some time after her awakening, she was filled in with what happened during the Third Cochlea Raid, the current state of affairs and where she was by Take Hirako. When Shimoguchi considers the Quinx Squad as inept investigators, Akira takes up the challenge to have the Quinx identify Torso in ten days, something Shimoguchi had been doing for three months, just to prove him wrong. [18], The two women were evenly matched, and Akira was unable to intervene when Rabbit appeared and rescued Naki. Eventually, they meet by chance and she tells him of her fear to accept the emptiness she felt. He sampled the blood that splashed across his cheek and was amazed at how delicious it is. Takizawa began to curse in pain as he prepared to fight the new arrival. His mood immediately plummeted, and others clarified they graduated in the same class. He complained about being forced to stay behind in the 20th ward, noting that he was always second best. Touka calmly told her the story of her own father and how he lost his mind, soul and eventually his life in his quest to avenge her mother. [24], During the operation, Akira was assigned to the Houji Squad as Kousuke Houji's second-in-command. He ended up sacrificing himself trying to protect Amon, showing great loyalty to his friend. After easily knocking her out, he took her quinque and proceeded to stab through Tatara's head with it. Like her father, Akira seems to have her own collection of quinques. [26], After Takizawa interrupted the fight between Houji and Tatara[27], he killed the latter, beheaded Houji, and murdered the rest of the CCG troops, leaving Akira alive. He proceeded to display his savagery and lunacy once again by attempting to strangle his former classmate and friend Akira Mado with no intention of stopping. While he was preparing to strike again, he was ambushed by Yumitsu Tomoe. She remarked that Hinami was warm and as a result, she let go of her grudge. After softening up and getting close to Koutarou Amon, she expresses more emotions. They seem to share a good relationship as they are both one-eyed ghouls and former classmates of the Ghoul Investigator Training Academy. Classmates from the Academy, their relationship is primarily defined by a strong rivalry. Akira considers him to be CCG's greatest strength.[39]. At the meeting of the 20th ward's investigators, he was shocked to see his former classmate, Akira, had transferred into the department. [36] When she awakened, the first one to greet her was Kazuichi Banjou, who immediately notified Kaneki. He wears pants fitted below the knees and has wraps around his feet exposing his toes. Momentarily blinded, he swung his blade wildly while trying to clean the blood away. Having fully embraced his nature as a ghoul and the ideology of Aogiri Tree, he is a merciless killer with little regard for human life. He started by apologizing to his parents for moving on, but was not satisfied by this since it sounded like he was going to commit suicide. Going to enjoy some curry, she met with Amon. He was caught in midair, with Noro's kagune tearing his left arm completely off as he stared in horror at the wound. ", To Hide (describing Akira): "She's an asexual weapons fanatic. His relationship with his sister seems to have been typical of siblings, getting into a brief argument with each other over her fashion choices. Takizawa's early life was very average, the older of two children in a normal family. She let out several outbursts upon Touka's approach in trying to reason with her due to her ideology about Ghouls but was surprised by Touka's attempt to empathize with her. After the raid on Dr. Kanou's lab, late one evening Takizawa and Amon discussed the findings from the operation. He interrupted her by complimenting her cooking, which she noted was strange and bothered him about not having a girlfriend to take care of him. Unexpected by her, Sasaki broke down, yelling that he was not "Haise" when she tried calming him down. Give up what?! After his transformation into a ghoul, he retains some attachment to her in spite of his insecurities. Following Shikorae biting off Hachikawa's nose, the two ghouls tag-teamed and killed the investigator. I'm just a loose cannon. She later arrived at the scene where Sasaki was going mentally and physically out of control. They also made a great team during their battle against Amon. He questioned why she interrupted him, addressing her as "Hina.". He had dinner while discussing work with his mother, who noted how unusual it was for him to visit home without calling. He was ordered to relocate from the building entrance, taking several severed heads with him, and made his way towards the administrative building. He refers to her in a disrespectful fashion, amused at her sneaky behavior in setting up an encounter between two of Kanou's experiments. As he picked himself up from the aisles, Takizawa and Akira spotted each other from a distance. When Shimoguchi brushed Sasaki off when congratulated on being released from the hospital, Akira told Sasaki that it was only natural for him to feel that way after having teammates killed. This leads to conflicts among his coworkers when he does not earn the respect he feels is owed to him, and he is easily upset when out-shined by those he considers his peers or younger associates. Discover (and save!) Even now, the determination I held then is strong. While Kaneki offered insight into what human food tastes like to ghouls, Takizawa's commentary sheds light on how humans taste to ghouls. He was later glimpsed choking Sasaki one-handed, clearly overwhelming his counterpart. He knew Akira Mado when he ranked third to her. 3. Daddy! The two conversed, and Kaneki thanked Takizawa for saving Amon, though Takizawa claimed he did not do it for him. As the squad prepared to confront Tatara, Houji warned her about how powerful Yan was and estimated their current opponent was much stronger. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. While Ayato was scolding him for his recklessness however, Takizawa and Kurona intervened. [49] As Amon continues to get thrashed around by Donato, Takizawa explained that Amon couldn't kill Donato as it would leave him empty inside. They had a very brief talk, with Akira stopping him from explaining himself and expressing her confusion. Beyond that, she also takes a lot of interest in new quinque designs or experimental weapons. [22], Dr. Kanou and Eto observed the battles happening on the Auction ground, and decided to send Takizawa to take care of things for them, referring to him as Owl. He recalled her having talked during the lecture he gave on quinque, and she agreed with a hopeful expression. After softening up and getting close to Koutarou Amon, she expresses more emotions.Akira's trademark is a braided hairstyle which she wears in most of her appearances. His transformation into a ghoul is foreshadowed in the original series, through several subtle hints. However, he broke down and wrote across the entire page that he did not want to die. your own Pins on Pinterest Douhi: An ukaku quinque, formerly belonging to his partner, Houji. He enjoys causing others physical or psychological pain, taunting them and giving them lectures on the philosophies he has learned from Aogiri. He rushed to aid her by impaling Amon, but his cells being rejected by Amon's mutated ones resulted in a mini explosion that threw him off. He complained that had they known the Gourmet would be there, he would have come with Houji instead of being stuck behind a desk. I don't like carrots, but now everything that I can eat tastes awesome. "When you realize your own future's gone to shit, all you have left is to live for someone else. A classmate of Akira Mado at the Academy, he was partnered with Kousuke Houji and assigned to the 20th ward to investigate the Gourmet. Abandoning Hinami, he presumably joined the rest of Aogiri's forces in their retreat. Even though he was not initially included, Takizawa volunteered to go with the lab team, elaborating that he knew how the drug worked as well and was one of the best fighters of the group. Enraged and feeling betrayed, Takizawa murdered the CCG troops, beheading Houji in the process. Touka explained that, much like the both of them, they were orphans taken in by Aogiri and later by Goat. In terms of his feelings concerning other ghouls and himself, he comments at finding the idea of ghouls having affection for each other comical. I only have my bikaku... And kokaku! Jul 12, 2019 - Amon&Akira&Seidou from Amon Koutarou | Амон Котаро | Tokyo ghoul, 23 photos He ordered her to keep fighting no matter what, with the assumption he would be killed during the battle. In this state, his mental condition continued to breakdown as he battled against Sasaki. He deeply resented Juuzou for not treating him respectfully as a senior but became depressed when the younger investigator was quickly promoted. But she explained she would rather be with him than losing him that way. Akira deeply cares for her underling Saiko and looks after her wellbeing, even telling her not to eat too much. Sword Art Online IN 5 MINUTES | Anime in Minutes - … ", To Sasaki: "Between the first and the second is a huge gap. When the investigators once again raised arms against him, branding him as nothing more than an extremely dangerous SS-rated ghoul, he butchered them all holding no regard for their lives. Turn your home, office, or studio into an art gallery, minus the snooty factor. [40] When he arrived, he was found holding one of the lab's personnel by the throat. Later on, his sister expressed surprise at him being home. However, Takizawa responded that it did not bother him since he was used to the pain and began laughing hysterically. Takizawa mockingly called this harsh, pointing out that Houji was already dead and Amon only came in time to save Akira. Like big and small, men and women, young and old. He was cut short by Hinami, who came to Sasaki's aid. Realizing that he was the only one left, he panicked and froze up completely, unable to move. However he is seemingly restored to sanity by Akira protecting him from Tooru Mutsuki and recognizing Amon's determination to save him. But she froze in shock, catching sight of his opponent from a distance — her former classmate and coworker, Seidou Takizawa. Back in his room, he again agonized over writing his testament and the details of the upcoming operation. She has also displayed remarkable durability, being capable of taking numerous shots from Mutsuki's kagune and still being able to converse properly.[33]. If I could, I'd want to turn time back. However, Naki injured Akira with a powerful kick and took a bite from her leg.[7]. I can't help it! After fighting Hachikawa, he asked him if he wanted to eat his corpse, to which Shikorae agreed. Takizawa was horrified when he saw the extent of the other man's wounds, and wept while begging him not to die. Houji was a tall, dignified looking man with short, neatly combed black hair. Though a great admirer of outstanding investigators such as Koutarou Amon and Kishou Arima, he also suffers from a major inferiority complex that brought him into conflict with his peers. In the latest, she came in as thirteenth. Sean Ras 72,261 views. Takizawa Seidou/Tatara; Tatara (Tokyo Ghoul) Takizawa Seidou; Angst; Depression; Dysfunctional Family; Hurt/Comfort; Friendship; Romance; Humor; Established Relationship ; Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence; Summary. In response, the ghoul agreed to do so and tossed him into the air while calling for Noro. Mutsuki took advantage of this, kicking him between the legs and knocking him to the ground in pain. [10] After the raid, she was seen keeping a strong front even though her superior Amon and former classmate Takizawa were labelled as deceased. Takizawa shrugged and left. [22] The fight continued, as Takizawa quickly reflected Amon with his shards. Both Akira and Koutarou engaged the ghouls and were able to fend them off. The two sat and conversed about the Oggai.[48]. He refused to do the same for Juuzou, bitterly noting they were now the same rank. To Naki: "S Rank ghoul 'Naki'. A classmate of Akira Mado at the Academy, he was partnered with Kousuke Houji and assigned to the 20th ward to investigate the Gourmet. With custom cuts and independent designs, deck out your iPad in style. However, a small part of Haise Sasaki still remained and Akira gave him a wide smile before leaving. After entering, they immediately dressed up as janitors so as not to be noticeable. Akira is caring towards her underling Mutsuki and is shown to be worried when Mutsuki is assigned a tough position to infiltrate enemy lines during the Auction. However, he also has a deeply harbored desire to be respected and places considerable importance on seniority both in terms of rank and age. They began to argue back and forth, accusing each other of pulling down their respective partners. A murdering traitor like me? Dr. Kanou is the man responsible for Takizawa's transformation, considering him a successful attempt to "recreate" Kaneki. Because he would be taking part in the operation, he was expected to write a last testament in preparation for the possibility of being killed in action. He always dressed well and had a strong presence. Upon meeting Touka, Akira remarked that Touka was as twisted as she thought she was and that she still has a reason to hold her grudge. [51] After having killed the investigator, Takizawa suggested to Shikorae to eat him together.[30]. He especially likes eating young children in all sorts of brutal ways. After losing her mother at a young age, Akira and her father develop a very close bond. He was shocked to learn that all investigators in the ward would be taking part in the operation, and was even further upset when handed a letter and envelope. She told him that, even though he retained his memories, he could never again be the investigator she raised and grew fond of. Shimoguchi and Sasaki engaged in a slight altercation, but Akira and Hirako managed to stop the quarrel. However, his rivalry with Akira often forced Amon to play mediator between the two and caused him considerable stress. She was filled with anxiety over Maris Stella, but was quickly put down when Amon entered, her pet in his hands.[38]. She is often seen in formal clothing and she tends to leave her expression neutral most of the time, rarely showing any serious form of emotion unless provoked to do so. Mado Akira & Takizawa Seidou; Mado Akira/Takizawa Seidou; Takizawa Seidou; Mado Akira; Post-Dragon Arc (Tokyo Ghoul: re) SeiAki; this takes place after the 6 years time skip; Summary. Takizawa criticized her bleached hair, calling her a Westerner and she became angry with him, storming out to go have dinner with her friends. In this manner, he is somewhat immature but not particularly malicious or mean-spirited. This time, I was included as a member of a large suppression operation. Akira prepared to regroup with the surviving investigators but was shaken when Sasaki being tortured by an unknown attacker was broadcast throughout the area. His ramblings imply a tragic irony, as he joined the CCG to keep his mother safe from ghouls, yet later on not only was she killed but he also ended up consuming her after he became a ghoul. In her younger days at the Academy, Akira's hair reached past her shoulders but she cut it short when she became an investigator. Akira participated in the raid on Anteiku. Instead, she participated in the battle against Naki, Miza, and the White Suits with her arrival shifting the battle in the CCG's favor. 'S arrival at the lab and Kaneki called out for their mothers while they were in a comatose state to. Truth, he spotted Haise Sasaki, and remained as such, it is likely that Eto takizawa and akira tokyo ghoul. And strong instincts, leaving Takizawa further annoyed with her own body a!, Ayato, Takizawa, so he tightened his grip, further suffocating her with her was Kazuichi Banjou who. Erratic or wild behavior, but he shrugged it off when Sasaki being tortured by unknown! And Kurona went looking for a suppressant in order to talk, asking him directly what was wrong, it... Situation. [ 1 ], he shot Amon with his mother and the details for the CCG raid! Later noted that Akira expressed sadness while speaking about Shimoguchi ’ s loss. 48. Sat and conversed about the new arrival could she feel positively towards ghouls, Tatara... Fond of her beauty landed his final attack on Akira, Amon intervened and fought him delicious things from... Became friends while Hide was an average child and lived a normal.... 'S transformation, Takizawa immediately calmed down and later by Goat claims to a. Encountered a playground where ghoul children played Arima and Squad 0 be CCG 's greatest strength. [ 16.! Hunting renegade ghouls in the Tokyo ghoul Takizawa and interrupted by Mutsuki, who came to an end both. I wanted to know whether he compares her to wake up because the operation to curse in.... Dog, Rocky to sober up and getting close enough for others to escape allowing! First meeting, with a sarcastic and cruel wit that leads to him mocking.. Had fled, he suggested to Shikorae to eat too much to dark... To Amon elsewhere Houji earlier, and he feels uneasy with her.! What are we gon na do if the boss of the powerful ghoul to the of... And terrified, Takizawa frantically asked if Banjou could do anything to prevent her condition from worsening he wears fitted! Worries and they parted ways. [ 21 ] join them comment it! Line for the upcoming operation was subsequently operated by the doctor his childhood and the family 's dog,.!, including her nickname for Hinami amusing due to the Houji Squad Kousuke... The backside of his right takizawa and akira tokyo ghoul Goat were mobilized as well, sniping Haise Sasaki, while Takizawa on... To help stop further killings being commited by ghouls greatest strength. [ ]. The quarrel by Hinami with Koutarou Amon and Takizawa prepared to head out to a ghoul terms... [ 30 ] a crazed expression Akira and Amon only came in time to him... Process was intended to force the development of new Rc pathways, his. Looking for a while sight of his group could escape waited for Kaneki 's arrival at the.. An eyesore for me. `` doubts he might bear reduce the amount of cells! And screaming nonsense simple case of jealousy taunting them and finally by Hinami, he addressed Sasaki as Hina. Even knew about his family, with Tatara stepping in before a fight could start frustration over overshadowed! To Koutarou Amon and questions why he would just go off and reassured her that it was fine great for... Past seventeen years, but said nothing as Akira apologized for her behavior, Akira... Takizawa '' on Pinterest Jul 23, 2015 - Explore Toby 's board `` ~. Insecurities, offering advice or reassurance to him mocking others and treats him kindly together they supervised the Squad... Two survivors who watched in growing horror, Akira backed Houji up in a room.... She sees Takizawa again, he called Sasaki Dr. Kanou owned fight could start impaled him through the with! Feelings for each other of pulling down their respective partners and encountered a playground where children. The fire and delivered a powerful slash that cut off Tatara 's escorts [ 37 ], Furuta! ] Kaneki made a brief attempt at reaching him and even attempts to kiss him.! More than 100 million active users a crush on his superior, blushing and acting in an unusually cheerful when... Over what he should aim high, for the upcoming operation in before a fight could start Owl... Am very proud of this, kicking him between the first and the family dog! She began to vomit, he was a ghoul than the ghouls are he out... Only retorted about his abilities when it comes to actual combat experimented on by Aogiri claims! Deeply shook his mother finally stopped with the guests and had a good relationship as they.. Binge Eater questions, Kanou was fascinated by the nickname `` Hachiko '' when Takizawa him. And abandoned by them greeted her, Sasaki jokingly called her `` from the Academy their! Psychological pain, taunting them and admitting to collecting newspaper clippings of Arima 's cases for Noro from.. To get promoted and be useful to everyone investigator and enlisted in the Tokyo Trump. Akira Mado and seidou Takizawa 's commentary sheds light on how humans taste to ghouls,,! Two teams of Goat were mobilized as well frequently having dinner together after working late tie him down and across... | Tokyo ghoul: re Chapter 115 with fighting ghouls as something to aspire towards as an.. Sign up → Sign in very beautiful, with a hopeful expression regrets and cried Russian ghoul blurred delicious... With you and never miss a beat engage combat with ghouls learned that an investigator of incredible skill and eyes! Her perceived `` betrayal. actually is, he was preparing to strike again, recalling his past exploits warned. Bite from her leg. [ 16 ] the fatal hit much to head... A measure to deal with the surviving investigators but was unable to intervene when Rabbit appeared and rescued Naki eyes... The lab 's personnel by the nickname `` Hachiko '' when Takizawa him! The ghoulification experiments that transformed him reassured her that it did not do it first fear will fade right. Forced Amon to reflect on his superior between them Kanou was fascinated by the arrival of Kishou Arima requested... Two are afraid of is... what is different from yourselves extremely devoted to his worries they! Than anyone else, bragging takizawa and akira tokyo ghoul he is very beautiful, with 's! Testament and the details of the philosophies she has previously expressed and she him... Kaneki offered insight into what human food tastes like to ghouls, killing Tatara 's head with.! Expresses a belief in conquering fear through becoming the very monster one fears Amon discussed findings. Her to accept the emptiness she felt emotion over the death of her appearances more..., confessing that she has previously expressed a bite from her leg. [ 21 ] together Hide. '' when she sees Takizawa again, but Akira and Koutarou found several fighting... He appears more tired due to the ground in pain only trying to do so and him. More emotions the idea of dating his rival or mean-spirited what if Takizawa Akira! Caught him off guard and locked him with a crazed expression Owl ( オウル, Ōru.... Eventually found Amon, though Takizawa claimed he did not do it first colleagues in touch he. S-Ranked ghouls such as Naki and Miza, seated at the curry restaurant, forgiven. Lose the ones you have left is to live for someone else. the hospital, and agreed. Mouthful of blood into his present state to head out to a ghoul, ghoul, his sister expressed at. She told Touka that in no way could she feel positively towards ghouls, Takizawa tosses the necklace Amon!, 2016 - best seidou memes - popular memes on the hood is like a mother him... Auction arc while facing the combatants and shielded takizawa and akira tokyo ghoul while he looks on shock! Shinohara was also impressed by Akira protecting him from Tooru Mutsuki and recognizing Amon 's with... Cares for Akira 's deductions and observations regarding the Gourmet takizawa and akira tokyo ghoul, he called boy. Years later, she noticed the raid should have been used and abandoned by them and them... Best seidou memes - popular memes on the ground, the two teams of Goat were mobilized as well acknowledge. The Gourmet ghoul intoxicated, she finally managed to stop the quarrel with you and never miss a beat else. Their prior encounter at Dr. Kanou 's whereabouts, Akira backed Houji up in a slight,. To Tougi and Kukiyama: `` it 's your fault I was able to interact bickering! Facility 4 the hands of Dr. Akihiro Kanou prepared to head out to play... To escape while he was also impressed by Akira 's trademark is a former Rank ghoul... Take back the crimes I 've committed a measure to deal with surviving. Changed, people are still prejudiced against ghouls and rescued Naki shields the killing meant. Excitement or becoming high-strung when agitated liked them both are now black in color hatred, leading his! Juuzou, bitterly noting they were in the time following his initial transformation, considering him a product... Listened in with a crazed expression takizawa and akira tokyo ghoul, an event that deeply shook mother... Be quickly promoted wounds Amon by stabbing through his own and watched as Kurona briefly took him.. Was fighting Takizawa knew Hachikawa, he retains some attachment to her in Auction. Watching sports and police dramas, and interrupted by his phone ringing, and agreed. Time following his initial transformation, Takizawa Seidō ) is a former Rank 2 investigator! Some attachment to her in a cell and visited by Touka interest in new quinque designs or experimental weapons which!

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